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The following is part of my Biology class while a student at Metropolitan University of Santos, the theme of the class discussed the evolution of the phylum Arthropoda.

The text reveals how speculative is the theory of evolution; While trying to develop a line of evolution, evolutionists do even make contradictory statements, as in uniremes which say they had no shell highly namesake, but at the same time say they do not there is evidence that uniremes possessed a carapace. The more I study the theory of evolution, the greater is my conviction that this is a speculative theory, even if not worth studying in the field of biological sciences. The theory of evolution is more framed in philosophy or modern mythology. (Text of Professor Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe)

The terrestrial myriapods were the first to appear in the record Devonian fossil and represent some of the latest known animals on earth. A reasonable theory of the origin of Uniramia is to view the millipedes emerging from an ancestor of benthic marine and coastal shallows of the Ordovician and Silurian. The ancestor may not have made ​​a shell, highly namesake. maybe presented a creature resembling a remipédio, is more important to remember that there is no evidence that uniremes possessed a carapace.

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