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I, the Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes in my search for truth about the origin of life, and the human species, I studied Biology at Universidade Metropolitana de Santos in my notes and made the following notes on the distribution of topics covered by each scientific study about life, as shown below. These branches of biological science serves the territory where the SCRIBE is abundant evidence that the THEORY OF EVOLUTION IS THE GREATEST SCIENTIFIC HOAX OF HUMAN HISTORY.

BIOLOGY is divided into three classes:

A - Botany
B - Zoology
C - General Biology

In turn, the General Biology is divided into five groups:

1 - SCIENCES biogenetic

Studying living things from the angle of the physical structure. Part of these sciences:

A - Anatomy - Study the structure
B - Histology - The study of the tissues
C - Cytology - Study the cells
D - morphology - studies the ways

2 - biodynamic SCIENCES

Represented by physiology
A - Physiology studies the functions and activities of the organism


It studies the relationship of chemistry to living beings. Sub-divided into two sciences:

A - Estequiologia - Study the chemical composition of living beings
B - Biodynamic - analyzes the chemical transformations in living

4 - Science Biogenic

It studies the origins of life on three aspects:

A - ontogeny - Study the evolution of living inside the egg to complete development
B - Genetics - Study heredity
C - Phylogeny - Study the history of living beings.

5 - Science BIOTAXICAS

It is divided into three sciences:

A - Taxonomy - This is the scientific names of living beings
B - BIOGEOGRAPHY-studied factors that determine the distribution of organisms on the planet.

C - systematic - Study the species groupings

Although there are complementary sciences, the BIOLOGY, which are:

PALEONTOLOGY - The study of the fossils that testify to the vestiges of life for thousands of years

Ecology - Study the relationship between living things

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