sábado, 28 de abril de 2012


Author: Professor Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Of all the lies related to the theory of evolution that have a more respectable is the fantasy of fucking story SELECTION OF SPECIES. I wonder how many intelligent men can induce to leave your thoughts for a philosophical doctrine so spurious and absurd as this. Every day I see several species of living beings living in the same habitat, nor why some of them have to be extinct and others have to evolve genetically to stay alive. Goats, sheep, cattle and horses live in the same pasture and no environmental factor justifies its distinctive characteristics. They are different because God created them differently. Do evolutionists are atheists so they can not reason and reach the same conclusion obvious?? Shamefully, many scholars who are unable to reach a conclusion as logical and simple, even rough men of the field, without intellectual culture and forestry can empirically by observing nature to intuitively grasp the Creator. While the poor scientists and university proud and overbearing in their zeal to find a "species into another species," believe that because they took some little books of Biology and Philosophy in their thinking are superior to common men. Poor evolutionists!!

There are over one hundred thousand diatoms (algae) living in the same habitat (water), many of them, living side by side. There would be no need for so many species is the decisive factor was the SELECTION OF SPECIES. What explains such a variety of diatoms and millions of living species on this planet is the Creator of the universe bestowed this planet with the wonder of its beauty and its ability diversifying.

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