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Professor Simon Thiago, the Unimes Virtual classroom Genetics and Evolution, brought the discussion the question I quote in full:

"Consider the case: Twin brothers, both raised in different locations in relation to climatic and environmental conditions and in relation to food, exhibit different characters, such as height, skin tone, resistance to certain diseases, etc.. These characteristics can be altered by the environment? Despite being twins, the genotype and / or phenotype may change due to environmental exposure? Give your opinion and / or experience. "


Yes, the environment provides slow and gradual changes in physical characteristics. I believe in the adaptation of living organisms to their environment. These adaptations never convinced me that they could create new species, as evolutionists boast, because today did not give me a tiny proof to convince me. But history shows that small physical changes can be gradually modified when the organism interacts with the environment.


If two identical twins are reared apart, with different power, one ingesting growth hormones and other not, may they find over the years is the difference in height of the two.


In itself there is a gene for tolerance that the body undergoes some distortion and adaptations to survive in the environment. An example is the stem of papaya and coconut which are broadly right, but depending on the environment in which this planting, they bow to the same light gathering power, however, the seeds of these plants, if they have no difficulty in capturing light grew perfectly upright because the adaptations that their predecessors were not experienced enough to change the genotype of papaya and coconut. I believe that all humanity is derived from the same genetic root and we have all a common parent, however, over the centuries, people have been exposed to certain climatic conditions by successive generations had changes in phenotype and acclimatized without, compromising the preservation of their species. The black race is the result of a process of exposure to radiation climate with plenty of sunlight, which increases the dark pigmentation of the skin, nostrils flaring are more adaptable to inspire the warm air of the African savannas, while the inhabitants of colder regions, as Europeans, have more nostrils closed. Twins reared in adverse climatic environments may vary in skin tone. If the living organism does not have this flexibility, they easily enter into extinction.


Another capacity of living beings is to develop antibodies. The vaccine is a stimulus for the body to develop self-defense against external agents micro biotic and invasive. If one twin is vaccinated, it will have more resistance to certain diseases, if the other is not vaccinated, it may become more vulnerable to diseases. Some environments are infested with viruses, bacteria and fungi that can be most detrimental to health twin living there, moreover, the twin who lives in less unhealthy and sanitized environment, is more likely to remain healthy. The twin that feeds well increases the strength of your immune system, created with the twin malnutrition have low immunity, so the climate and food will have an important role in the development of the two brothers.


Every species of living beings have within their genetic makeup, a space to undergo changes that enable them to survive better in the environment, but again, these variations hold every living being caged in their own kind. If all humans are descended from the same ancestor, we have to admit that one day in the past, humans were very similar, but the weather and food of each region were opening the range to the variations within the human species.

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